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I have been actively researching my family for many years and have run into several unknown ancestors and proverbial brick walls. I entered the realm of genetic genealogy to try and solve these issues but, for the most part, found myself frustrated and floundering around with hundreds of matches, and unable to make much progress. I decided I needed professional help and Jennifer has more than met the need. Using her 4 Bucket technique, she was able to quickly identify the most likely families for two unknown branches of my tree. In addition, she was able to specify my most likely direct ancestor in the first family, and has provided me the tools to continue working on the second family, as well as being able to extend the same procedures to other branches.
--Ronnie P.

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For years I have been researching family information for a DAR supplemental application. I felt I had proven my case but I got an AIR letter saying I had not proven the link between two generations.
I did more research, wrote an analysis and sent it in again, then got a second AIR letter. By this time, I didn't know what else I could do.
Jennifer came highly recommended to me by other DAR members. I knew I needed an expert. I am so happy with what she did.
She reviewed what I had done and rewrote my analysis in a different way that neither I nor anyone else who had looked at it had thought of.
I am still waiting to hear from DAR. It is under review. I am very hopeful. But, regardless of their decision, because of what Jennifer did I feel that everything has been done that could be done. She was a joy to work with and I highly recommend her.

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I was curious about my paternal ancestors. Unfortunately, my parents had passed away and I had no one to ask, so I hired Jennifer Dondero to help me.
She spent time with me and helped me determine what I really wanted to know. I provided her with what little information I had.
A few weeks later, she provided me with information on both paternal grandparents, even tracing a great-grandfather to a village in Eastern Europe. Amazing!
I highly recommend Jennifer, without reservation, for genealogical research!
--Amy S.

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