The Perfect Follow-up Gift to That DNA Test

Did you give someone a DNA test last year (or maybe you're giving it this year)? If you're looking for another unique gift or are still waiting for your family tree to sprout from the DNA results, I've got you covered.

If you're interested in your family history and want to get more from those DNA results, you have to do traditional genealogy research.

Sounds like a lot, right? Maybe you've hopped online trying to build a family tree only to get frustrated.

I have the perfect (giftable) solution for you.

The Pathfinder.


The Pathfinder is a flat-rate package that helps you find your genealogical path.

Everyone’s genealogy journey is different but we can all use some help.

Just as a pathfinder helped explorers, regardless if they were at the start of an easy trail or lost deep in unknown territory, The Pathfinder package can provide that bit of help to the genealogy explorer.

Right now you probably stare at your DNA results wondering what on earth they are telling you. Maybe you even think they are wrong because you know great-aunt Sally isn't your first cousin.

Imagine, when the holidays are over, understanding what your results are telling you. Imagine next holiday season having discovered pioneers and trailblazers in your family tree. Imagine uncovering new relatives and new ancestors and preserving your family's history year after year.

It all starts by finding your path.

The Pathfinder isn't a research package. If you don't have a family tree, but do know your parents, grandparents, and maybe more, it can help you gather the information you already have and start building your family tree on a firm foundation.

This isn't a generic course that will toss too much jargon at you. It isn't an online tree that relies on stock forms and fields.

It's a fully customizable, one-to-one service. You'll work directly with me, to start your family tree.

I'm Jennifer Dondero, author of The Occasional Genealogist a genealogy blog. I'm also a professional genealogist. I've been on my own genealogy journey, finding my path and sometimes trailblazing, for almost 30 years. I've been a professional genealogist since 2005. I've helped beginners and experienced researchers find their path and more.

The Pathfinder is my solution to the very common problem of clients who aren't sure where to start. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced genealogist or just starting, knowing what to do next usually isn't obvious in genealogy.

Even once you decide you want to hire a professional genealogist, it's often unclear what to provide. The Pathfinder is the solution.

You can learn more about using The Pathfinder for starting your family history on this page.

You can go ahead and submit a request for a Pathfinder package, here. If you want to give it as a gift, simply let me know in the "more details" section.